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h/d fic searches

Hey. I reread the rules, and there was nothing in them about fic search posts. However, if this is not okay with the mods, feel free to delete.

Anyone recognise this fic "Intentions"?
I'm looking for the author

Only now that Malfoy was breaking every rule of how he and Harry had ever interacted with one another, by licking his neck while grinding his erection against Harry’s thigh.
Harry was also fairly sure this was a monumentally bad idea, but since all his blood flow had been diverted from his brain to his cock, he’d have to deal with the ramifications later. Especially since Malfoy had just moved to the right, and his erection was pressed hard against Harry’s. He would have to be an idiot to start asking questions now. After all Malfoy might stop. After a rather unsuccessful attempt at stifling a moan, Harry realized that Malfoy had stopped his assault on his neck, and was staring at him. Only it wasn’t in his usual I would love to dance around your twitching, dying body way.

Do any of these summaries sound familiar?

Draco/Harry, the classic Potions class pairing goes wrong. The only thing that differentiates this that I remember is that Pansy accidentally turns Ron into a baby with her potion.

Sirius and Remus live with Harry. They're having a party. Draco is there for some reason. (Is this Phoenixsong's Eclipse? I have no idea.) Draco and Harry fight. There is use of the word 'fisticuffs'. Previously, Lucius had "died a lackey", "offing himself before the Ministry came to see him." Draco argues that "my father was the one to the alert the Ministry" and that "he's better than that."

Draco and Harry are staying at the Dursleys (the Dursleys aren't there.) For a school project, maybe? Draco has bunny pyjamas. (Yes, I have no standards. Shut up.) Harry and Draco go on a date to Florean Fortescues and hold hands. (SHUT UP!)

H/D. I can remember the line 'It's raining fucking cats and dogs, Potter, and you're holding my hand.'
There is sex in the rain.

Trelawney predicts that Harry's gay. Draco laughs, before she reveals that they are destined for each other - "Ah, methinks the young Slytherin doth protest too much!"
Harry has also been outted in the Prophet/Quibbler, as has Draco: "Hang on! Who did they say!"
(Don't laugh now, these summaries get worse ;)

Draco proposes. (See what I mean?) He is fidgety nervous and has a ring. H/D are still in school. "Malfoy's are never brides!"

These I definitely read on livejournal, if it helps narrow it down?

Gilderoy Lockhart/Harry chan. Gilderoy blathers on about fame, chan occurs, Obliviate!

Harry sleeps with Draco, Ron obliviates him afterwards - 'for his own good.'

H/D. The only line I can remember is 'What I always think about. You.'

Harry and Draco have a psychic connection. They get drunk. They kiss. Possibly more. All I know is this ISN'T the DT. Oh, and one of them tastes of peaches.

Slytherin politics. Involves the line 'Call off your dogs, Flint.'

Draco fancies Harry. Harry proves there is no sexual tension between them by snogging him. The last line is 'Point proven.'

Draco's roommates set him up with Harry for his birthday. Frighteningly I can think of at least three examples of this fic. It's probably the worst ;)

Um, Draco fancies Harry. For some reason, he's under a table. He glares at Ginny, and he thinks that Harry has 'backne' and bites his nails. He's annoyed that Harry doesn't notice him anymore, but then they kiss.

Harry asks Draco why he isn't wearing any of that "gross wax stuff" in his hair, and why he's acting so "virginal"? Then he realises Draco is wearing his hair like that for him.
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