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I don't know if this is permissable, and if not, then you have my sincerest apologies. However, this is starting to drive me rather irritably insane. I'm looking for a fic, you see, and I hope one of you may be able to help me.

The fic takes place after the fall of Voldemort. Harry had cast Avada on him, then grabbed his wand to snap it in half, just in case. The wand was a portkey that sent Harry off to be tortured and such for a good many years. All that time, he'd been believed missing by the wizarding world. I believe McGonagall is the new Headmistress, and Draco is the DADA professor, though I may be wrong. Anyway, Draco runs into Harry in Knockturn alley one day before start of term, and ends up bringing him back to the Leaky Cauldron. Unfortunately, Harry bolts, and Draco sets off looking for him. In this, Harry's a cutter and tries to commit suicide by jumping into a river or something, and is rescued by Dobby and Remus. Sirius is dead in the fic, having been killed by Voldemort one yuletide, and so Remus, aside from Dobby, has been alone, believing both Sirius and Harry dead. The last chapter I'd read, was Remus recognizing that the young man they'd rescued was Harry and getting into a conversation with him in which Harry stubbornly refuses to conceed that he's not dead.
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