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An Update

Let's see...

20 new fics and 2 updated.

And if you haven't checked out the Sketches/Doodles section for awhile then take a look. We now have 19 images. Yay :D Some of them are utterly delicious.

Finally, it's amazing to me that we're just around reaching 10,000 visitors on the official counter. Less than 6 months 0.o I always get so giddy when I see the counter bounce around by 60 or something. So a head's up...If you find that you're visitor 10,000 screencap it and show it to me either by email or on AIM manifestine

Now if I were to go by the site stats...

Total Hits: 188066
Total Visitors: 63671

:D That's really it...oh and to the people who went and posted fics, I will get around to reading them tomorrow and will comment.
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