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Midnight slash is yet another Draco/Harry community. Hopefully, however, we would like this one to be a tad more active.

This community is an extension to the Imperio Slash Archive. Mainly for submissions and/or recs. Since emails can be a pain in the ass, this is yet another way to submit your fics. And instant feedback is a lovely thing.

If you are submitting your fic, make sure to include the following:

Genre (up to two):
Warning (must be included in the event of: character death and/or rape):
Part (if chaptered):
Personal info (website, e-mail, contacts *AIM, Yahoo, etc.*):

Please use an LJ cut for posting your stories, and if it is really long, either leave a link, or email us: imperio@writeme.com

And we're not here just for fics, oh no! We love just about anything Draco/Harry. Pictures, videos, icons, banners, lyrics, wallpaper, anything really.

Basically, this is just a Draco/Harry free-for-all. Have a good time!! And if you're just dying for more D/H, head on over to the site ;D It's there for your enjoyment!


Nicole "counterfeitkiss"

And my lovely co-mod is Sara "pridian"

Leave us a msg, email, or IM us for whatever reason!! We're always available.

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